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Specializing in full life cycle enterprise IT infrastructure.

An IT infrastructure provides a means of moving data from one place to another and acting upon it. The scale of the move ranges from locally from a storage device to a server for use or changes prior to returning to storage to client/server a user at an access device pulling data from a central location.

Big Data

Big data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured. And big data may be as important to business – and society – as the Internet has become. Why? More data may lead to more accurate analyses.


Connecting the enterprise isn’t just about routing, switching, and wireless products. It’s about the network enabling the business and market trends such as cloud, big data and mobility. Creating an agile network that can mirror the instant scale-up/scale-down capabilities of compute and store environments is nothing short of a necessity.


Our cloud services can dynamically scale to meet the needs of our clients, and because we supply the hardware and software necessary for the service, there’s no need for a company to provision or deploy its own resources or allocate IT staff to manage the service.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) represents the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process of the corporation. These systems allow a company to gather, store, access and analyze corporate data to aid in decision-making.

Data Center

For most data centers approximately 70% of the operating budget is spent on maintaining existing infrastructure while only 30% is for innovations aligned to your business goals. Your challenge is to reverse that allocation and transform your data center into a strategic business asset.

Staffing Services

Zasmos provides a full spectrum of IT staffing services throughout the U.S. to organizations that require on-demand technical expertise. Working with us gives you immediate access to highly skilled, pre-evaluated technology professionals for any kind of IT hiring need.


Zasmos procurement services will change your business’s consumption of resources to ensure it continues to thrive. Survival isn’t about reducing costs of purchases; it is about when to buy specific resources and how much you need; effective consumption as an organization will determine whether you succeed or fail in.


Serving all of Southern CA and surrounding areas.
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Zasmos is a IT solutions company trusted by customers and valued by employees. From design and development to testing and integration, we provide customized IT solutions that will change the way you do business.

At the edge, you see things differently. EDGE is our culture of seeing challenges in a new perspective. It is the way we transform them into business opportunities, with technology expertise on a global scale.

How do you stay a step ahead with evolving technologies such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), the Internet of Things, Optical Communications for WiFi?

Zasmos Networking Services provide a single vision that ensures your network is ready to rapidly respond to changing business needs across multiple devices, applications and locations. We help you achieve a simplified, agile, cost-effective and security-rich networking infrastructure that can support innovation and deliver business value.

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